What if I have no experience?
Just like any job in the West, experience is preferred but not required. Many of our placed ESL teachers are brand new.
Do I have to do the TEFL-in-China Course
Entry requirements for the Teaching Programme are: Bachelors degree plus 2 years relevant experience. Applicants who don't quite meet this criteria are required to Study the TEFL-in-China course.
What if I can’t speak Mandarin?
It is not a requirement at all to speak Mandarin. Enfly Education will offer free online lessons to all members of the Study in China Programme.
Why do you need a copy of my passport?
Once we have determined that you will be a good fit for the job, we will need a copy of the first page of your passport. The school needs to see this to make sure that you can legally work in China and that they can obtain you a visa. Once we have all your documents, the school will be able to interview you. We will not keep any of your documents longer than we need them to get you a job. For someone that hasn’t left the country before, it is understandable that you might feel nervous about providing a scan/photo of the first page of your passport. However, there is absolutely nothing malicious that can be done with such a scan. When you are overseas, you will be using your passport as a form of ID on a regular basis – as it is the only internationally recognized ID. In many countries, even renting a motorbike or staying in a hostel will require a copy of your passport.
Where should I expect to Teach?
We have many partner schools throughout China with regular openings. You can state your preference, but you should be open to an adventure. Multiple schools will most likely be interested in hiring you.
Are we paid during holiday periods?
This depends on your contract. Some schools will offer a percentage of your salary during holidays.
How easy is it to get a Visa?
For native English speakers with a Bachelors Degree, we can provide the Z Visa, depending on the job requirements. We will help to process all Visa applications for you. Please look at the relevant section on our website for more information on the visa process
How many hours a week will I have to work?
Normally, schools will require at least 25 hours of teaching per week.
How much notice will I get from schools towards the end of my contract?
You and the school will discuss this. You will be given more than enough time to decide if you want to stay or pursue another path. The schools will always provide a release letter that enables you to get an easy transition into your new visa, as long as you have fully completed your contract at a satisfactory level.
Will I be able to negotiate a pay rise at the end of my contract?
Depending on your work performance, yes. This is decided by your school.
Do schools offer bonus payments to teachers?
If your school offers monthly bonuses based on behavior, you will get these along with your monthly salary.
What age groups will I be teaching?
Each school will differ. We work with all different types of public schools( kindergarten, primary, middle school, highschool), training centers etc. Where possible, we will discuss your preferences and try to find a suitable position, though candidates should be advised that this isn't guaranteed.
What is the average class size in China?
This depends on the schools amount of students. Public schools in China typically seat 50-60 students per class.
Will I get help from a Chinese Assistant or Translator in the Classroom?
For a training center, yes. For public schools, this depends on contracts between public schools and Chinese staff.
Is accommodation provided?
Yes, Enfly will be able to help to find accommodation for you during your stay in China. You will either live in an apartment provided by the placement school, or provided with an accommodation allowance to rent in the private sector if this isn't possible. If renting in the private sector, Enfly will help to provide candidates with details of estate agents.
What sort of accommodation will I be living in?
This can vary depending on the area, but at the very least you should be able to expect a Kitchen, Bathroom, completely furnished, bedroom, living-room etc.
Is the accommodation shared or private?
This depends on your personal preference, but we strive to ensure that all accommodation is private where requested. If you want to share with somebody else, this can be requested too.
Who will pick me up from the airport?
Our team in China will arrange for a driver to pick you up an take you to the Hostel where you will begin your time in China.