TEFL-in-China Course

About the TEFL-in-China Course:


Here at Enfly Education, we like to invest in people. If you are successful in your interview, we will offer you the opportunity to study for a qualification in TEFL with TEFL-in-China. Once you have completed the course, we will then be able to place you into a teaching job in China.


But what exactly is the TEFL qualification, and why is it important? In a nutshell, the TEFL Qualification is an industry standard certificate, which allows schools to be confident in the teachers they hire. Obviously, it is much easier to get a job in teaching once you are qualified, and we are happy to set you on your way.


The course we offer is with TEFL-in-China. TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a certification process that generally requires between 60 and 200 hours of work. The TEFL-in-China course has both an online element and practical element to it. So, you will get plenty of teaching practice before you begin your teaching placement.

The TEFL qualification is a standard requirement for teaching English in China, and with a certificate, you can teach virtually anywhere in the world. Some of the most interesting teaching opportunities currently include, but are certainly not limited to, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East.


Find out more about the TEFL-in-China Certificate at their website, http://tefl.chinajob.com