Here at Enfly, we make it easy for you to obtain a visa to work in China by dealing with all of the paperwork for you. Here’s some information about the different types of relevant visa’s offered, and how we can help.


Z Visa:


This is China’s general work visa. It normally takes around 2 months to process from application, and is a good option for graduates with experience looking to teach in China. Once approved, it means that you are free to work in China for the allotted time. To apply, you need a copy of your passport, degree, CV and a recent photograph. But we’ll help to sort out all of that for you.


X Visa:


This is China’s student visa. It comes in two different forms: the X1, for stays of more than 180 days, and the X2, for stays of less than 180 days. This visa is perfect for native speakers without a degree, who are looking to work in China whilst studying the TESOL course with Enfly. It is also perfect for recent graduates who may not yet have the required experience for the Z Visa.