Application Process

Enfly Education – Application Process

A Step By Step Guide

Interview Passed Successfully

Congratulations on passing the interview. Enfly will send notice of you passing the interview, along with a copy of the contract.

Send Introduction Video and Preferences Form

(Complete this stage within one week of passing the interview)

Enfly will then send you a Registration Form to fill in, along with instructions on how to prepare an introduction video. It is here where you can begin to state your preferences.

For the Registration form, please state your location preferences, school preferences, age preferences for students and also Salary Expectations. The team in China will then use these preferences to set about matching you to a suitable placement school.

The introduction video should be short (60-90 seconds is fine) just explaining who you are and why you are excited to come to China. Remember to smile!

Sign Contract

(Complete this stage within 4 weeks of passing the interview)

Enfly will send out two further forms: The Employment Offer, and the Dispatching Contract.

The Employment Offer will give details regarding the offer, as well as details on what is expected of each party: Enfly, the placement schools, and yourself. This document will be legally binding in the country you sign it.

The Dispatching Contract is the legal document covering your Work in China. This document will be signed in China, where it becomes legally binding.

Upon receiving the contract, we encourage you to read it carefully, and get in touch with Enfly if you have any questions.

Once you are happy with everything, then print it, sign it, and send us a copy via email, along with a copy of your passport.

Register For i-to-i TEFL Course and Reserve Flight (if needed)

Once Step 3 has been completed, Enfly will then help you to register for the TEFL Course with i-to-i, if you don’t already have a TEFL certificate. Once registered, we encourage you to begin working through it straight away.

The course is internationally recognised, and will be needed in order for you to apply for the Working Visa.

2 years experience not needed

The course cost is paid for by Enfly up front, though if for any reason you are unable to make it to China, you will be liable for the cost of the course after registering (this will be detailed in the Employment Offer). Candidates will then pay back the cost of the course as a deduction from the first month’s salary once in China.

Candidates can also reserve a flight with our recommended travel partners STA Travel, paying a deposit of £49. STA Travel will be able to suggest specific flights for you to fly on, and you can hold the cost of the flight, paying the remainder of the cost 10 weeks before your intended travel date. Candidates should ask their Recruiting Agent for information on how to take advantage of this offer.

Begin Criminal Record Check. Complete Medical Check. (Candidate Pays)

Now is the time to begin to get your documents in order for the Z Working Visa.

If you don’t already have a Criminal Record Check (valid within 6 months of your expected arrival date), then Enfly can provide you with a link to an Agency called DDC that can apply for the Criminal Check on your behalf for £37. 

Alterntively, Candidates can request a Basic Disclosure check directly with the Government at for £25.

Enfly will provide you with a copy of the Medical Form which should be filled in by your GP. This will be free of charge. The Medical Form does not have to be legalised.

As soon as you have it filled in, be sure to send a scan of it to Enfly.

Complete TEFL (UK Course)

As soon as you have completed the i-to-i TEFL Course, they will release the certificate to us.

Send TEFL, Degree, Criminal Record Check to Hague Apostille for legalisation (Candidate Pays)

(Complete minimum of 6-8 weeks before expected arrival date)

This next step is vital in making sure that you have all the documents ready for the Z Visa.

Hague Apostille will legalise all 3 of your documents for £390. You will send them the Original Copies of:

  • Degree Certificate
  • DBS Check
  • TEFL Certificate

Hague Apostille will then submit all of the documents for legalisation by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office and Chinese Embassy.

As soon as your documents are legalised, please send a scan of each document to Enfly, so that the team in China can begin to apply for the Work Permit.

Apply Work Permit (Enfly Pays)

(Apply 4 weeks before expected arrival date)

Once all legalised document scans are received by Enfly (Degree, Criminal Check, TEFL Certificate, Medical Check), the team in China will then begin to apply for your Work Permit.

This stage can normally take a couple of weeks.

Apply Work Visa (Enfly pays)

(Apply minimum 2 weeks before expected arrival date)

Once the Work Permit is received, then it is time to apply for your Z Working Visa from in the UK.

Enfly will cover the cost of the Z Working Visa for your Entrance to China (currently £210), through a company called China Visa Services. They will help you to receive the Z Visa, and Enfly will help you to fill out the application form if needed.

If for any reason you are unable to make it to China, you will be liable for the cost incurred by Enfly.

Book Flights

With Visa in Hand, now it’s time to book your flights, and get ready for your new life in China!

If you have already reserved a Flight with STA, you should pay the remainder of the balance within 10 weeks of your travel date.