New TEFL-in-China Training


A Few Pictures from our 2017 Enfly Education Study Programme, beginning with the TEFL-in-China training:

TEFL-in-China Certification


Please be aware that the TEFL-in-China Certificate is provided for free to all those who finish the course successfully, and complete the contract with us.

In the event of a Student leaving their contract early, they still have the right to receive the certificate, but must pay Enfly for the cost of the course. Otherwise, Enfly reserve the right to keep hold of the certificate […]

Jodi’s Experience – Enfly Education Testimonial and Review


Student Program – TEFL in China Course


Enfly Education are thrilled to be able to offer our Students on the Study Program a course from TEFL in China – tefl.chinajob.com – which is run by SAFEA (Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau).


At the time of writing, Enfly Education are the only company in the Sichuan Province to offer this prestigious program. All Students who complete the program successfully will become TEFL Certified […]

Rachel’s Experience – Enfly Study in China Student Program


To sum up my experience of teaching English in China with Enfly, I would say it has been nothing short of interesting, eye opening and culturally rich.

From the very beginning I was shown nothing but warm welcomes, an abundance of hospitality and some amazing food!!

My life in China is extremely easy, I have work less than twenty hours a week, I love the cost of living and I’m a massive fan of massages for £5/£6. What makes life in China so relaxed and so easy is the general slow pace of the Chengdu people! I love […]

Medical Examination Proceedure


When arriving in China, all Students will be subject to a medical examination. Enfly Education will help to arrange this for our Students. The cost of the examination is 441RMB at time of writing.


Here is a link to an ex-pats personal experience of the medical proceedure:



The Process for applying for the Z Working Visa


Stage One:

1)    Qualificationto apply for work permit from Foreign expert Bureau(FEB) of China

Qualification for oral foreign language teacher:

(a) no morethan 65 years old.

(b) at least Bachelor degree and two years teaching experience after graduation

(c) must come from native language countries( the language they teach must be their country’s native language)

 Qualification for professional teacher:

(a)   The teaching content that they teach should be their major in the university, no nationality requirement, the other requirements are the same as the Oral foreign language teacher.


Stage Two […]

Meet our Teacher Lee (Testimonial and Review of Enfly Education)


Here Lee give us an introduction as well as a review on the school and testimonial for Enfly Education. The second video shows an example of him teaching High School kids. More reviews on the youtube channel.


Meet our Teacher Aaron (Review of Enfly Education)


Aaron was kind enough to let us film a couple of videos of him, which we have uploaded to our Youtube Channel. Here he provides a review and testimonial of Enfly Education, as well as a short clip of him teaching.



Congratulations to all our Teachers who passed the TESOL Course


Thank  you for all of your hard work so far this year and congratulations from all at Enfly Education on passing the TESOL Course […]

7 Benefits of Teaching In China – Rosie’s Story


Rosie Jenkinson came to Chengdu a year ago: when her husband had to go to China to finish his degree, she decided to look for jobs that she could do without knowing Mandarin. That’s how Rosie got in touch with Enfly Education. We spoke to her recently and she gave us 7 tips that made her time in China so enjoyable.

1. It’s easier to become an English teacher than it looks like

Rosie said that Enfly Education helped her a lot with the process to become a teacher, from finding her a placement to sorting […]

Jobs Available in Chengdu now


Found this great little video online from the Chengdu Tourist Board. We’re currently hiring for various positions in and around Chengdu, so here’s a little taste of what to expect!

&nbsp […]

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