Guardianship Services

Enfly Education have proven experience in offering guardianship services to Chinese parents whose children are studying at UK Boarding Schools. Services offered are:

  • Contact between Pupil and Guardian, to help with any issues between School and Pupil
  • Feedback of results and reports from the Boarding School to Chinese Parents
  • Advice on University Applications
  • Help with Pupil adapting to UK culture, and advice on whether additional EAL (English as an Additional Languge) lessons are recommended for the Pupil

In addition to this, Enfly Education can also help with:

  • Arranging Homestay for Chinese Pupils during holiday periods.
  • All Homestay hosts are vetted by Enfly, and will be DBS Checked.

Enfly Education have offered guardianship services to Chinese Pupils studying at Sedbergh School, and Pupils have previously received offers for University places at:

  • Warwick University
  • UCL London