Interview with Artem




How long have you been in Chengdu/China and how long do you plan to stay?  

Chengdu is my first city in China, and i really like it. I’m here already 5 months, and have plans to stay at least for one year more.


Why did you choose to come to Chengdu/Sichuan and what do you like most about this part of China?

Chengdu is very famous and beautiful city, with nice climate, environment, with a lot of parks, squares, interesting and kind people.. so I decided to come here.


Where do you teach/have been teaching and what age groups? What are the good and bad sides of that age group?  

I taught in two different schools, mostly it was middle school classes, but also I had some high school classes. Good side of middle school.. they are still kids, and you can enjoying in work with them, in the second part you may have some problems with their behavior and attitude. If we will speak about high school… they are not kids any more, they are teenagers already, so it would take some efforts from you to have their respect and attention, but in other hands, if you got it, it is easy to work with them, because they are very smart already.


What has been the most rewarding part of this experience and what will you do next?

Of course for me, the most cool time, was time with my students, my lessons. If you are Teacher, you may love to work with kids, and you can enjoy with your work. It’s our reward. And I will continue to teach, and it’s my responsibility to become better Teacher, to give better knowledge and experience  to my students.


Would you recommend coming to live and teach in Chengdu? 

Of course I will recommend for everybody to come in China, Chengdu, to get this incredible and unforgettable expirience! But be carful, food is very spicy here!)


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