Interview with Louisa


Louisa taught with us last year, and we asked her a few questions about her experience.

Please can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name’s Louisa and I worked in Chengdu as an ESL teacher for Enfly between Feb 2016- Jan 2017

What was your experience of Chengdu like?

Being in Chengdu was a really eye opening experience into another culture. I learnt so much more from living and working there than I expect I could have just traveling through. I made a couple of life long friends from Chengdu and met many lovely welcoming individuals and families.

The city of Chengdu feels big, very busy and built up but if you take regular trips at the weekend there is so much wonderful nature to see!

I really loved the Chinese food and I miss the dumpling and noodles at lot – especially 红汤饺子

Which school were you placed at?

I was placed in different schools for each school term. The first term I was in YuFu Kindergarten. The second term I had the experience I was really hoping for, which was to work in a High School. I was placed in Chengdu No.7 High School – an extremely good school!

What was your apartment like?

Both my apartments were good for my needs, enough space and western bathrooms. However, the life style in China is much noisier so expect wherever you are there is likely to be some noise pollution from car horns, building works etc..

How did the team at Enfly help you throughout the year?

Some members of the team in China helped me settle in by inviting me to go out with them (particularly for food). This really helped me to feel like I had a group of family and friends around me.

What were the most challenging things about your year in China, and how did you deal with them?

The most challenging thing for me personally was the language barrier, its always been my weak point. Of course this is a very real challenge as you need it in your everyday life! However I persevered and have learnt more Chinese than any other language in my life.

What are you doing now, after finishing the placement year?

I am now doing my PGCE teacher training year to become a Secondary Mathematics Teachers.

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