Rachel's Experience - Enfly Study in China Student Program

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To sum up my experience of teaching English in China with Enfly, I would say it has been nothing short of interesting, eye opening and culturally rich.

From the very beginning I was shown nothing but warm welcomes, an abundance of hospitality and some amazing food!!

My life in China is extremely easy, I have work less than twenty hours a week, I love the cost of living and I’m a massive fan of massages for £5/£6. What makes life in China so relaxed and so easy is the general slow pace of the Chengdu people! I love that some of the most common ways to socialize include KTV with some beers or in a restaurant with some delicious dishes.

In order to keep a trouble free and easy life I also believe the company plays a major role in this, I have never met a group of people in all my 21 years who are so eager to help you with any problems you face in everyday life.

Whenever I visit the office they are always so enthusiastic and well spirited! It’s also very common for the staff and teachers to plan trips together to different cities with beautiful scenery and views, the trips I have been on previously are nothing less than amazing! And include a wide range of activities and culinary wonders!

Lastly I just want to add I have been in Chengdu since February this year and I have never had a boring day, I’m not sure if this is a cultural thing or because there is so many different things to do in this historical yet modern city.

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