Enfly Education will always work with you to find you the best possible Salary for your teaching placement. We have many different types of position, and will help you to decide which position will be most suitable for you. Our standard TEFL Positions in Training Centres can pay anything from 15000RMB – 23000RMB per month (approx £1700 – £2600 per month!) with either Free Accommodation or additional Apartment Allowance.

Kindergarten – Typical Salary Range = 13000RMB – 18000RMB per month

Our Kindergarten Positions will pay higher than Government School positions, as there are some additional Office Hours included. Typically you will work for the full school day, doing around 22 classes per week, with the rest of your time made up in Office Hours (where duties will include things like meeting parents, lesson planning and the odd demonstration lesson).

Kindergarten positions are fun, relaxed, and aim to promote an environment where the students are exposed to English from a very young age. We like our Teachers in Kindergartens to be energetic, play lots of games with the students and to help cater for all different learning styles.

Training Centre – Typical Salary Range = 15000RMB – 23000RMB per month

Training Centre positions are great for the more financially motivated applicant. You’ll generally work upto 35 or 40 hours per week, and in return get to access a higher salary range. Most Training Centre positions involve evening hours and weekends, giving you mornings and early afternoons off.

Most Training Centres will follow a specific Curriculum, so you will get the chance to follow that, whilst still creating various activities and games to help students develop their English skills in the best possible way.

International School Teacher – Typical Salary Range = 20000RMB – 50000RMB per month

International School Teacher positions are becoming increasingly needed in China. To qualify to be an International School Teacher, you will have to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) be that in the form of a PGCE if from the UK, or the equivalent qualification in your home country.

Standard of Teaching is naturally very high, and you may even teach specific subjects (eg. Physics, Literature, History) and Teachers are rewarded extremely well for these positions.

Part Time Hours – 180RMB to 300RMB per hour

Enfly can also help you to arrange additional part time hours. Some part time hours pay higher than others, and you can choose whether or not to accept any additional hours or not.

In Chengdu, if you were to take even just one part time hour for 180RMB, that would be enough to pay for your food for 3 days in some of the cheaper restaurants!

Government Schools – Typical Salary Range = 10000RMB-13000RMB

These positions typically tend to be part time, and teachers will only need to work a maximum of 22 teaching hours per week, without the need for any office hours. This can be the perfect position for teachers who are looking to have a more relaxed experience in China and who want to have more time to immerse themselves into Chinese Culture.