Support For Teachers

Enfly Education offers lots of Support Services for Teachers, helping them to adapt to their new life in China. Moving to China can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming, so Enfly Education do their best to ensure that all teachers are happy and able to experience all that China has to offer.



Every New Teacher will be assigned a Headteacher, who will help them with any problems they encounter whilst in China. All of our Headteachers begun with Enfly as new teachers and have now been in China for many years and so have first hand experience of what it is like to be a New Teacher. They can be their to lend their help and support where needed.

Your Headteacher will help you with things like:

  • Teaching Support – if you need advice on lesson plans, techniques and activities to use in lessons
  • School Support – if you have any difficulties with your school, for example, timetabling issues, your Headteacher can help to feed this back to our Chinese Office and work to find a solution
  • Housing Issues – if you have any problems with your Apartment, be it a faulty internet connection or any repair work that needs to be done, your Headteacher can help to feedback to the Chinese Office who will then help to arrange the relevant person to help solve any issues
  • Cultural Help – if there is something Culturally that you don’t understand about China, the chances are that our Headteachers will have experienced something similar too. They can help to provide advice on how to deal with any cultural sensitivities, and also to help you understand how things are done in China