Teacher Reviews

Enfly Education have welcomed many teachers into China over the past few years. Here are a few brief quotes from the blog posts

“I now teach in Leshan with middle school students who are 13/14. Positives include that the standard can he quite high so you can have lots of fun spinning different ideas and classes don’t have to be so basic. A negative would be that by this age students have there own ideas and are going through puberty so some can have attitude problems and it f they don’t want to learn they will just not try or try and disrupt the lessons.”

“I teach in 3 different areas. Two are in Shuangliu and one near Peoples Park. They are all primary schools but I teach different age groups. In all I teach 1st-6th grade. the good side is the kids are more easily entertained and learn faster. ”
“Being able to be understood is one of the rewarding things even though most of them are not really good with English , also the fact of being open to new people’s life style and thoughts is one bonus I have gained . Last but not least, being more independent when It comes to my professional and personal life.”
“Being in Chengdu was a really eye opening experience into another culture. I learnt so much more from living and working there than I expect I could have just traveling through. I made a couple of life long friends from Chengdu and met many lovely welcoming individuals and families.”
“In the Application Process, if you want to speak to any of our current teachers then please ask your Recruiting Agent who will be able to put you in touch directly.”