The Process for applying for the Z Working Visa

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Stage One:

1)    Qualificationto apply for work permit from Foreign expert Bureau(FEB) of China

Qualification for oral foreign language teacher:

(a) no morethan 65 years old.

(b) at least Bachelor degree and two years teaching experience after graduation

(c) must come from native language countries( the language they teach must be their country’s native language)

 Qualification for professional teacher:

(a)   The teaching content that they teach should be their major in the university, no nationality requirement, the other requirements are the same as the Oral foreign language teacher.


Stage Two:

2)     The process

(1st) Upload foreign teacher’s documents to Foreign expert Bureau’s website(, the documents include: foreign teacher’s resume,scanned bachelor degree, scanned reference letters for two years’ teaching experience, scanned TEFL orTESOL certificate, passport page, inch photo, scanned medical check paper,scanned contract (will get the government’s reply in 5 working days). This is to apply for the Z Visa directly, having met all criteria.

Remarks: Foreign teachers who want to Study in Chengdu without two years’ teaching experience can join Foreign Expert Bureau’s TEFL training course and will get the certificate, the government will agree to give work permit to this kind of foreign teachers who have the bachelor degree and TEFL certificate awarded by Foreign expert Bureau of China.

(2nd) Submit the foreign teacher’s paper documents to the Foreign expert office  after receiving their agreement of the foreign teacher’s work permit application in the FEB’s website.(will get the government’s reply in 14 working days)

(3rd) apply for visa notice from Sichuan Foreign Affairs Office after getting work permit paper. ( will get the visa notice in 7 working days)

(4th)Go to Chinese embassy or consulate and apply Z visa , the documents the foreign teacher need to take: work permit,visa notice, medical check paper, passport, inch photo, visa applicationform,  the copy of school’s licence, visa fee.

(5th) Applying for foreign expert certificate

(a)   Upload foreign teacher’s relevant  documents to the FEB’s website firstly(3 working days)

(b)    Submit relevant paper documents to the Foreign expert office for the foreign expertcertificate(5 working days)

Remarks1: the government need to check the foreign teacher’s original bachelor degree, original reference letters for the teachingexperience, original TEFL certificate, original medical check paper, original passport.

Remarks2: if the foreign teacher has family members with him or her in China, must provide family member’s passport, inch photo, valid visa. Spouse must provide marriage relationship certificate and medical check paper, Children  no more than 18 years old must provide family relationship certificate( Children  more than 18 years old  are not regarded as accompanying family members ).

(6th) Applying for resident permit from PSB

After getting Foreign expert certificate,apply for resident permit in local PSB.

(20 working days)

Remarks1: foreign teacher who gets the Z visafrom Chinese embassy or consulate must change the Z visa to resident permit in 30 days calculated from the second day of the entry day.

Remarks2: foreign teachers who change the new passport must change the resident permit into your new passport within 10days in local PSB.

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