Work Visa Process


For all native english speaking applicants with a bachelors degree, enfly education will work to provide the z visa. in order for enfly to provide the working permit for the z visa application before the candidate leaves for china, candidates should provide the below documents listed within 3 months of their arrival date. if any later, enfly can provide assistance in helping candidates change their visa whilst in china.

For all Native English Speaking Applicants with a Bachelors Degree, Enfly Education will work to provide the Z Visa. Candidates need to meet the following requirements for the Z Visa


About Work visa Requirements

I would like to let you know the docs you need to prepare or modify in order to get ready for the Z visa application as follows:

1. Scanned passport page (Must be standard scanned format), Please also note that your passport has at least 6 blank pages for future use, and it will not expire within the next 3 years. You may scan to us the moment you get your new passport.

2. Resume. Your resume should include the information as bellow

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Contact address, contact number, post code. These are for your details in your own country.
  • Your educational background should start from your high school, including school name, period, city, country)
  • Working experience. Your first work experience should just follow the last month or the next month since you finished your last study period. For example, if you graduated in June, 2012, your first job experience should start from June, 2012, or July, 2012, even if you were not working since then, you should write down what you were doing since June, 2012. Like you can write down you were travelling, or something else. Each working experience should include Name of Employer, Position, Period, City, Country, Description and duties for this position. Etc.

3. Digital passport photos (white background)

4. Medical check report (come to China and make it /if you apply Z visa in your country, you can do the medical check at your local hospital with the standard medical check form acknowledged by Chinese embassy )

5. BA / MA Degree certificate Authentication

Three ways for this:

  • You need to find a notary office in your local place and get your degree notarized firstly, then you should get your BA/MA degree and the notarized paper to the Chinese embassy in your country and get it authenticated or the country(where you are in now) . Bring them with you when you come to China.
  • Bring your degree to China, and get it to be authenticated by Chinese Education Bureau, not sure how long it will take, some of our teachers get it in one and half month, one teacher also get it in six months. So we suggest you to try to get your bachelor degree authenticated in your country firstly .
  • Bring your degree to China, and you can get your degree authenticated in your country’s embassy or consulate of China. You can consult with your embassy or consulate about the process of the authentication and how long it will take.

6.Non-criminal background Authentication:

(The first situation: you are in your own country): you should go to the local police station to get a police certificate, and find a notary office in your local place and get it notarized, then get the certificate authenticated at Chinese Embassy in your country.

(The second situation: you have already been living in another country or area over than one year) you should go to the local police station to get a police certificate, and find a notary office in the local place and get it notarized, then get the certificate authenticated at Chinese Embassy of the country where you are in now. I know the process is quite complicated, but it’s the requirement of government.

7. Reference Letter

At least two years’ teaching experiences reference letter(s) in teaching your first language. Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau will check the information in the letter, so make sure the contact email address and phone number will reply and confirm your information regard to the teaching experience.‍ Besides, please write down this

teaching experience into your resume.‍( if you cannot provide two years’ teaching experience reference letter, you can join our TEFL-IN- CHINA training , after passing the examination, it can equal two years’ teaching experience,but this is only useful for English native speakers).